SEAFAST Ship Service is a major marine repair and conversion contractor serving ship owners, ship management companies and maritime operators worldwide. SEAFAST by responding to more demanding needs of its customer expanded its services to a broader spectrum.

Whether your ship has suffered a simple equipment failure or perhaps something more serious; perhaps a collision, grounding or fire, our team can handle everything from basic steelwork and piping to the most complex electrical and mechanical systems, as well as the repair and refit of interior accommodation.


Cargo Lashing is the process of securing the cargo to minimize the shift while being transported on a vessel. Lashing becomes extremely essential especially when the cargo is loaded onto the deck of the vessel where the external forces are constantly encountered due to the motion of the ship into various directions.

At SEAFAST, we provide a wide array of Cargo Lashing and Securing Services for conventional mixed goods and breakbulk. We have handled heavy machinery, steel products, vehicles, transformers, crates, boxes, heavy industrial cargo, and other equipment. The safety and security of your cargo is our top priority and we ensure this by using all the necessary material for lashing.


SEAFAST is a full scale marine supplier including all types of lashing materials, ship store and ship provision that can meet the demands of multi-national vessels calling Vietnam water.

To reduce miscommunication, we work with IMPA & ISSA catalogues extensively to identify the items your vessel requires. All products sold are inspected, tested and closely monitored to ensure that the product characteristics meet prevailing international standards and requirements.